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During solidification of a pure molten metal, the grains in the casting near the mould wall are

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A heavy string attached at two ends at same horizontal level and when central dip is very small approaches the following curve

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A stepper motor having a sensitivity of 300 steps per revolution and running at 2400 rpm, then find the required pulse rate

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The minimum value of anode current below which it must fall to completely turn-off the device is called as the

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In hydrostatics which of the following statements is False

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The following is not a conservative force

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According to Kirchhoff’s voltage law, the algebraic sum of all IR drops and emf in any closed loop of a network is always

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A man spinning in free space changes the shape of his body e.g. by spreading his arms or curling them up. By doing this, he can change his

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Coefficient of friction depends upon

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The product of either force of couple with the arm of the couple is called

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Which of the following is a vector quantity?

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Frictional force encountered after commencement of motion is called

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Where voltage division problem arises

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To avoid commutation failure

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Where current division problem arises

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When the temperature of a solid metal increase

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During inelastic collision of two particles, which one of the following is conserved

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The “Jominy Test” is used to find

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Which of the following terminals does not belong to the MOSFET?

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A car accelerates on a horizontal road due to the force exerted by

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What is the difference of DC voltages in the adjoining Brushes?

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The process of reheating the martensitic steel to reduce its brittleness without any significant loss in its hardness is

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What is the effect of armature coils at points where brushes are located?

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Source transformation technique is mainly based on __________ law.

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The area under the curve of the gate characteristics of thyristor gives the