Test your Job Readiness for any particular Job role through our platform

SKILLEDGE aims to become the ladder of success to your dream job. The (testing portal name) has various free test series related to different courses and their respective industries.


Step 1

Select the Skill or the relevant Job Title that you wish to pursue.

Step 2

Take the skill relevant test and evaluate your Job Readiness through the calculated test results.

Step 1

Book a complimentary 1-1 skill counselling session with an expert.

Step 1

Experience the process of Day 1 Job Ready through this Platform.

Our Aim

After providing industry oriented training for more than 6500 hours to 15000+ students, SKILLEDGE aims to take the students a step forward by helping them check their job readiness through some specially curated tests. There can never be enough knowledge or skills to stop learning. As a student, you should constantly evaluate and introspect yourself on the basis of what the industry demands.